What types of computer file can you print?
We're PC based can't print some MAC files, but other than that we're pretty versatile. Here's a list of what we can print from:
  • PDF files
  • All image files including .JPG, .EPS, .GIF, .BMP, .TIFF, .PSD, etc.
  • Anything from Microsoft Office: (MS Word, Publisher, Excel, Powerpoint) MS Works files
  • Website pages (.htm files)
Do you do house plans, and can you enlarge/reduce them, or scan them to or print them from a file?
Yes, absolutely! We have an engineering copier that can do all that!
Can you print my large color poster?
Yes, we can! We have a giclee' wide format color printer that's made to produce fine art, and it can also do full color posters 24" wide by any length. Since this is an inkjet process it's more expensive than our regular digital copies, but we do our best to beat all competitor pricing for these large color prints!
I have a manuscript or multi-page document I need scanned. Can you do that?
Yes, we can scan a black and white text document either as a PDF image file, or a Microsoft Word document which can be edited!
Can you scan color photos and email them for me?
Yes, but it's actually more work than scanning a text document. Each photo needs to be scanned separately, cropped, color adjusted, and saved separately. Because of time involved we have to charge $45 an hour for this, or $2.00 per individual photo.
Can you scan and/or print my color artwork?
Yes, so long as your artwork is smaller than 11x17"... that is the size of our scanner.
Can I bring my own paper stock for you to print on?
YES - almost always, so long as your stock is a standard size (legal, letter, or 11x17".)
Is it better to bring you a printed copy of what I need, or send it by email?
It depends on the job. generally an emailed copy will print clearer, but a printed copy is quicker.
Can you help me design a custom busines card?
Yes, we can! We're happy to design a card for you and show you a proof before printing. If you want flat full-color printing, we can usually design AND print your cards the same day. Sometimes while you wait! If you want raised (thermographic) ink that usually takes about five business days.
Can you help me design business forms, custom calendars, custom greeting cards, letterhead, etc?
Yes! We can help you set up most any custom job. Feel free to call or stop in to tell us about your project, and we'll be able to give you specifics about time and cost!
If I design something myself and send it to you, will it cost less?
Most of the time, yes. There are rare occasions where we've had folks type info into a basic program (such as Microsoft word) that don't end up being print-ready... if we need to reset your design to make it the way you want there might be some design charge
Sometimes Main Street is full and I can't find a parking space. Is there other parking available?
Will's Copy Center actually has plenty of parking. There is a large town parking lot right in back of our building! Just turn down the street at the end of our block, between the Kennebunk Inn and the frame shop. There is a large lot and you can come right in by our back entrance. We're the door right next to the building fire escape, next to "Fresh Start" the resale botique!
Can you pick up or deliver my job?
If you have a job that's $50 or more, we can usually pick up or drop it off if you're fairly local to Kennebunk downtown. Just give us a call at 207-985-1847 and we'll try to arrange that!
Can you save my job on file so I can reorder it again?
Yes, we're happy to do that. If you want us to save a copy of your job, you need only call or email to have more produced later on, and that can save you a trip!
I went to your shop and there was a sign on the door, and no one was there! What's up with THAT?
We try hard to be here for every minute of business hours. However, sometimes when there is only one person here, that person may have to leave for a few minutes to go drop off a job, go to the bank and get change, etc. We always leave a sign on the door as to when we'll return (usually just a few minutes) and if you're worried about missing us just call first - 207-985-1847.
I can't get there till after five, can you stay late?
Possibly! Please call us if you need to see us later than five. If we can, we'll be happy to wait for you for a while.
Are you ever open on Sundays?
Sometimes, if we're running a job and need to be at the shop anyway. If you need us on a sunday give us a call ... we may be open "by chance!"
What's the dog's name, and does he bite?
That's Milo, the Official Greeter! He's friendly and you can pet him! (In fact, he won't want you to stop petting him!) Sometimes he does get nervous if picked up and moved quickly so ask about that first, but other than that dog attention is good!
Can I bring Milo a treat?
Yes... but don't be offended if you bring a dry biscuit and he doesn't eat it right in front of you. Sometimes he prefers to "have" a treat for a while before eating it... but he does love getting treats!
I'm with a nonprofit, can I get my job free with a tax deductable donation?
We'd love to do that, but we're a small shop and do a LOT of nonprofit work so can't usually offer donations. We do offer quantity discounts and such, so we'll do what we can.
Are the ancient artifacts in the other section of the shop *really* ancient? They're so inexpensive! Surely they're modern reproductions!
The artifcts ARE really ancient. There are a lot more existing ancient artifacts and coins than people generally realize. When an archaeological dig is done they map everything and get the scientific data. When the items are actually excavated there are a LOT of common items that aren't wanted by museums or universities. Those get quietly disbursed to fund other digs. The ancient Romans, for instance, literally minted *billions* of coins, so it's possible to get a common bronze coin for only a few dollars.
Would you be willing to look at my coins or ancient item?
Yes, and can probably give you a general appraisal of the item. I may even offer to buy it if it's something cool!